Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes

Obeo and INRIA organize an Eclipse DemoCamp at Nantes on the 8th of July:

Don't be afraid, we looked at the world cup agenda and there will be no game on this day! So you could attend quietly and maybe take a break about soccer for few hours.

However don't miss the first Eclipse World cup experience where I hope lot of people will join us (Go! Go! Go France!). If you're interested, take a look to the post made by Goulwen.

For the DemoCamp, we have started to work on the agenda and already several interesting demos will be presented: Acceleo by Obeo, MoDisco by Mia-software, WTP by Serli and more to come.

If you want to propose a demo or simply attend, please sign up on the wiki.

See you in Nantes!

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