Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes

Next week the second edition on the Eclipse DemoCamp will take place at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes.

Even if Nantes is specialized in Eclipse modeling technologies, we have this year an existing program with a good mix of modeling and non-modeling talks.

6:15PM - 6:35PM: MoDisco & ATL (AtlanMod)

6:35PM - 6:55PM: EMF Facet (Mia-Software)

6:55PM - 7:15PM: EEF (Goulwen Le Fur, Obeo)

7:45PM - 8:05PM: Memory Analyzer (Zenika)

8:05PM - 8:25PM: Tycho (Pod Programming)

8:25PM - 8:45PM: EGit (Obeo)

8:45PM - 9:00PM: General Questions & Wrap-up

If you want to attend, please update the wiki page or contact me:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes this week

Don't forget this Thursday if you're closed to Nantes to attend to our Eclipse DemoCamp.

Here we have the program:
18:00 - 18:10: Welcome
18:10 - 18:35: Modisco, by Gabriel Barbier, Mia-Software
18:35 - 19:00: WTP with Glassfish, by Laurent Ruaud and Evariste Konkolé, Serli
19:00 - 19:25: Acceleo, by Stéphane Bégaudeau, Obeo
19:25 - 19:50: Eclipse SOA, by INRIA
19:50 - 20:15: ATL in the AtlanMod Model Management Architecture, by Hugo Bruneliere, EMN/INRIA
20:15 - 20h45: GMF Showcases, by Etienne Juliot, Obeo
20:45 - 21h00: Open discussion

Our goal: few slides, lots of demos!

If you want to attend, please use the wiki page: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_DemoCamps_Helios_2010/Nantes

See you on Thursday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Acceleo 3.0.0 is released!

Acceleo 3.0 has just been released and it comes with compatibility with Eclipse 3.4, 3.5 and the latest 3.6 versions. Acceleo 3.0 is a pragmatic implementation of the OMG Model-to-text specification. It supports the developer with most of the features that can be expected from a top quality code generator IDE: simple syntax, efficient code generation, advanced tooling, features on par with the JDT... Acceleo also has a unique tooling around example-based design of code generators with all the pragmatism we had with the 2.x stream.

Acceleo can be downloaded and installed in a number of ways. If you have an existing Eclipse installation and simply wish to install Acceleo in it, installing through the update site is the easiest way. If you'd rather install a new Eclipse with Acceleo, you may want to take a look at the facilities provided by the amalgamation project. Amalgamation is the project that leads the creation of the modeling bundle, it has an easy one click discover and install wizard. Thanks to it you could also easily install also ATL 3.1 (the model-to-model transformation language in Eclipse), EEF (a way to improve the EMF model creation), EMF Compare 1.1 and many other modeling components.

Acceleo 3.1 will be released in June 2011 with the Eclipse Indigo release train. We also planned several corrective versions for the 2.x maintenance stream: a 2.7.1 version will be released this year and a 2.8 version in 2011. Meanwhile, the Acceleo team is investigating towards Eclipse 4 (e4) compatibility. All the links and information to download and install Acceleo are available from here: http://www.eclipse.org/acceleo/download/

Note that examples are available from the menu right-click => New => Examples => Acceleo Plug-ins.

Do not hesitate to give feedback through the mailing-lists, the bug-tracker or the web forum, a Wiki is available to ease the collaboration and the gathering of tips and tricks.
Support information: http://www.eclipse.org/acceleo/support/
Developers information: http://www.eclipse.org/acceleo/developers/

Thanks to all the developers and contributors involved in this release!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes

Obeo and INRIA organize an Eclipse DemoCamp at Nantes on the 8th of July: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_DemoCamps_Helios_2010/Nantes

Don't be afraid, we looked at the world cup agenda and there will be no game on this day! So you could attend quietly and maybe take a break about soccer for few hours.

However don't miss the first Eclipse World cup experience where I hope lot of people will join us (Go! Go! Go France!). If you're interested, take a look to the post made by Goulwen.

For the DemoCamp, we have started to work on the agenda and already several interesting demos will be presented: Acceleo by Obeo, MoDisco by Mia-software, WTP by Serli and more to come.

If you want to propose a demo or simply attend, please sign up on the wiki.

See you in Nantes!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The new acceleo release before the 3.0 version

Acceleo 2.7 has just been released. The Acceleo profiler has been improved in particular when generating from big models. A template extender was added; it allows to explicitly extend a template from an Acceleo module. Custom services can now be added as a system services. Several fixes were done on the models import from the Enterprise Architect modeler. Concerning the Acceleo modules, the C and Java modules have been improved. A new build is available on the update site.

Furthermore some bugs have been fixed; you may want to have a look on the new and noteworthy page for the 2.7.0 release: http://www.acceleo.org/pages/new-and-noteworthy-acceleo-2-7-0/

The "Acceleo modeling bundles" providing the Eclipse platform, Acceleo, its prerequisites have been updated. These bundles are the way to go if you want to test the power of modeling within Eclipse: http://www.acceleo.org/pages/download-bundle/ They provide as usual the ATL workbench for model to model transformations, EMF Compare for model comparison and others components composing the official Eclipse Modeling Package.

We planned several corrective versions for the 2.x branch: a 2.7.1 version will be released this year and a 2.8 version in 2011. But as you may know, the next major release of Acceleo is currently implemented and this new version is an official Eclipse foundation project (http://www.eclipse.org/acceleo). The most obvious change of this new version is the overhaul of the syntax as we now follow the OMG standard "MOF Model To Text Language" (MTL) based on OCL. In incubation since a little more than two years within Eclipse, Acceleo 3.0 is coming soon with the Eclipse Helios train (June 2010). Acceleo 3.0 already supports a level of functionality close to its 2.x stream. “Pre-release candidate” milestone could already be tested: http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/downloads/?project=acceleo

Do not hesitate to give feedback through the mailing-lists, the bug-tracker or the web forum, a Wiki is available to ease the collaboration and the gathering of tips and tricks. http://www.acceleo.org/pages/take-part-in-acceleo/

Thanks to all the developpers and contributors involved in this release!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eclipse Acceleo Day program is available!

The first Eclipse Acceleo workshop will take place on July 10, 2009 in Nantes. More information available here: http://www.acceleo.org/wiki/index.php/EclipseAcceleoDay
The complete program is now available with a lot of interesting talks dealing with Eclipse, MDE, DSM and of course Acceleo ;-)

Hour Title Presenter Affiliation Language
09:00 Introduction Etienne Juliot OBEO English
09:30 Presentation of a DSM-oriented design and generation environment Erlé Le Gac Capgemini French
10:00 MDA & Acceleo deployment feedbacks Vincent Fady Atos Origin French
10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Acceleo, contribution to the industrialization of developments: Feedback from Bull-Centre de Services Paris Olivier Leal Bull French
11:45 An Open-source Model Driven software development toolset - Lesson learned from Orange Labs Samuel Liard Orange Labs French
12:15 Lunch

14:00 MDSD Scaffolding and Acceleo Cédric Vidal Proxiad English
14:30 Presentation of WISSS (Webapp Is Simple, Stupid and Secure) François Gaudin Makina Corpus English
15:00 Acceleo MTL: a standard alternative for code generation
Cédric Brun OBEO English
15:45 Coffee break

16:15 EEF powered by Acceleo MTL - Acceleo MTL ... and punishment! Goulwen Le Fur OBEO English
17:00 Panel

This workshop is free but with mandatory registration (for organisation purposes). Registration details are available here: http://www.acceleo.org/wiki/index.php/EclipseAcceleoDay

Hope to see you there :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Eclipse Acceleo Day

Eclipse Acceleo Day will take place on July 10, 2009 in Nantes. This workshop is dedicated to Acceleo and associated technologies. All information for attending and participating are available here: Eclipse Acceleo Day.

The workshop fees have been lowed to their minimum: this is a free workshop ;), but mandatory registration (for organisation purposes). This workshop is co-located with the 10th Libre Software Meeting (http://2009.rmll.info/?lang=en).

The workshop will be an occasion for some members of Acceleo community to meet and to exchange ideas. This meeting will also be an opportunity to present some of the planned extensions to this tool and discuss MDE related subjects.

If you want to participate and/or attend, don't hesitate to contact me by email.


Acceleo (http://www.acceleo.org) is an Eclipse-based toolkit for code generation, with a model based approach. Code generation is the technique of using or writing programs that write source code. Code generators are tools built to serve engineers in the automatic creation of applications. Acceleo is a free software, its development is totally open.

Topics of Interest

  • New Eclipse Acceleo project (http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/?project=acceleo)
  • MOF-to-Text Language
  • Validation with Acceleo
  • Documentation generation
  • Scripting generation (PHP, Python, Ruby, ...)
  • Link with M2M transformations (ATL and others)
  • Comparison with other generative engines
  • Integration of Acceleo in a industrial tool chain
  • Presentation of existing modules ("ready-to-use" generators)


Most of the talks will be 20-30 minutes long. Participants are welcome to propose a short talk presenting their project of their experience with Acceleo. Working languages are english and french. All slides and documents will be in english. Demos would be greatly appreciated :-)

Important Dates
  • Registration: July 3rd, 2009 (Even if attendance is free, registration is mandatory for organisation purposes)
  • Workshop Date : July 10th, 2009